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Power-Tec Egypt power

services Contractors and Developers Company Egypt, we are offering power systems Engineering, Procurement and Construction solutions. Our goal is to provide optimized stable and reliable power systems .we have the experience and the capability to carry out low voltage, medium voltage and extra high voltage utilities and substations projects.


Power-Tec Egypt

 is located in Red Sea Egypt, We successfully offering services to all power and industrial customers, including power plants, substations,  oil & gas, touristic resorts and petrochemicals, in the region, literally realizing the “hole in the wall”

service concept.


  Power-Tec Egypt

 has been successful in providing first class services for all power system equipment and we constantly challenge ourselves by our vision of being the first choice local service provider and providing innovative technology solution .


 The Power-Tec Egypt 

organization consists of a total work force of very talented engineers, and technicians providing highest quality services for 220kv, 66kv, 11 Kv power systems Engineering construction installation testing and commissioning    to our customers.





Contact Information

Phone: 01027770244
E-mail: info@powertecegypt.com

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